Who Are We?

Soulful Impact, LLC is a leadership development consultancy serving foundations, corporations, academia, and nonprofits as they identify and nurture leaders within their organizations optimizing global, social, and market impact.  Ethical stewardship of an organization is most effectively modeled by its leadership and not mandated by a prescribed code of conduct.  An ethical leader seeks to provide more benefits than simply profit to his or her stakeholders. A premium is placed on treating employees as co-entrepreneurs; on conservancy of the environment; on local as well as global outreach; and on an intentional strategy for operation that serves the common good.  If the leadership of an organization conducts every transaction according to the Golden Rule: treating everyone as they, themselves, wish to be treated; they will achieve the fullest potential of their vocation and change the world.


The Company was launched in October of 2015 at The Resolution Project's Resolve 2015 Gala held at the Harvard Club in New York City (http://resolutionproject.org/). The Chairman of the Advisory Board, Michael P. Hoffman, co-founded Changing Our World, Inc. in 1999. In 2002, Changing Our World became part of Omnicom Group [NYSE: OMC], a relationship that gives its clients insights to world-class public relations, communications, marketing, branding and advertising expertise. It is the only firm of its kind that is part of a Fortune 200 company. Soulful Impact, directing its focus on education and leadership development, embodies the next generation of the ideals and values that led to the creation of Changing Our World, a company which has forever changed the global philanthropic landscape.

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