The ANIMA model of leadership symbolizes a truly soulful approach to the enormous privileges and responsibilities embedded in leadership.  In a global, increasingly interconnected society, the leaders who create the greatest impact are those who serve, mentor, and inspire others.   

A soulful leader seeks to provide more benefits than simply profit to his or her stakeholders.  A premium is placed on treating employees as co-entrepreneurs; on conservancy of the environment; on local as well as global outreach; and on an intentional strategy for operation that serves the common good.  If the leadership of an organization conducts every transaction according to the Golden Rule: treating everyone as they wish to be treated; they will achieve the highest potential of their vocation.

A mindful inclusion of the “other” is the gateway to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals and transforming the world.
— Mike Hoffman, Chairman of the Advisory Board
Philanthropy is a building block of long-term brand equity in today’s super-connected, super-informed world. Continue to build consistently on your philanthropic efforts. This isn’t a trend that’s going away; it’s a fundamental prerequisite for long term value and loyalty.
— Tom Carroll, Former CEO and Chairman, TBWA

ANIMA Leadership model

Anima is the Greek word for the soul.  The five characteristics of a soulful leader are represented by a letter present in this term.  These qualities are as follows: