Threads of Gold

Threads of Gold

Siobhan Hoffman

Fill my wounds with gold,

We give away what we no longer want to hold,

Holy Ghost, cast my demons away.


Idle hands are the devil’s play:

Yet never thought

Wounds would be torn open again today;


Relying on another soul

To stitch my wounds

With threads of gold.


I gave his soul

The broken pieces,

The god-shaped hole,


Only to be

Left alone

Minus everything I gave away

To his poor soul.


He was my human drug

Flooding emptiness with love,

Until the obsession was uncaged:

The twisted monster

Filled with rage.


I prayed this beast would stay away

But when love was gone,

The beast returned:

No longer anything in its way.


Twisted thinking.

Seeing myself sinking.

Damn you, you monster: GO AWAY.


With my human drug now so far away,

The only place to turn

Is to the cruelly patient monster.


Alcohol, and some self-destruction too,

Work for a while.

Until no amount of drugs


Can fill the wounds,

The pain of the past,

And numb the guilt that stabs you,

in the heart,

Like a sharp piece of glass.


God, take my pain away;

Bring me peace,

Give me love today.

Goodbye monster,

Violent beast.

I’ve untied the golden threads

And now can send you

Off to sleep.