The Power of Healing Crystals

The Power of Healing Crystals

Hi to all the beautiful souls reading this post!

I hope each and every one of you had a stress free week last week and got some much needed rest and self-care this past weekend.  My last post was on the Seven Chakras, and so I thought I would continue writing about the power of healing crystals, which can help balance the chakras, and aid in everyday wellness.  As you know here on the Soulful Impact website there is a tab where we sell handmade jewelry using healing stones.  There are brief descriptions for each necklace, but there is so much more information on the power of healing crystals that I would love to share with you.

Healing Crystals have been popular for centuries because of their exquisite beauty, and the vibrational energies that each crystal holds.  This vibrational energy helps to heal the body, mind, and spirit.  Crystals were very popular in Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, and Greece.  Today in modern society and modern science it is difficult for most to understand how a simple stone can bring about many different forms of healing.  But, how these stones affect the energy fields all around them, including the human energy field is how they bring about healing. 

Crystals are natural elements that come from within the earth, a real crystal is made up of a grouping of unit cells that form a pattern called the crystal system.  There is a sub-category of stones that are not truly crystals but they come from the earth, they just lack the internal crystalline structure.  These include: amber, obsidian, and opal.  Each and every crystal/stone exhibits different healing qualities. 

Some ailments that affect the energetic healing qualities of each crystal are the color and shape that they are, but specifically the color.  The color of each crystal comes from three things: how the crystal absorbs sunlight, the minerals and chemicals that they contain, and the impurities within the stone.  Most crystals are formed deep within the earth for thousands, or millions of years.  The formation of crystals deep within the earth is where their unaltered energy powers come from.  Lab crystals are formed quickly without the benefit of the earth’s energy, but they can still have their own energy because of the crystalline structure inside that retains it.  The best way to choose a crystal is to hold them in your hands, feel the energy, and feel which one you think you need in that specific moment.  Another way to choose if you are shopping online is to see which stone you are attracted to, but before purchasing research details of the stone and it’s healing qualities.  See if these will benefit you, and most of the time they do because we are drawn to certain crystals for a reason.  Our intuition knows what we need, and the most important thing is to follow that.  When noticing the energy of crystals it is similar to the energy field that we feel around other human beings.  Even if you have little understanding of energetic fields, you may still feel like when around certain people you do not vibe with a certain one or you are turned off by the negative they are putting into the universe.  This is energy, and when choosing a healing crystal you will feel this same type of energy.  You will know which one suits you!

Along, with all of matter crystals have their own vibration, the human body is made up of energy and has its own vibration as well.  Because crystals have higher vibrations than the human body, they raise our vibrations creating the healing effects.  The higher our vibrational energy the more positive we feel, the lower our energy is the more negative we feel. 

So, how do we interact with a crystal in a meaningful way, and how do we know if we truly are choosing the one we need? I will give you a couple of tips on how to do so.  Remember, this is a new experience for most so BE OPEN!!  Try to set aside and preconceived ideas and enter this new experience with a positive attitude and with certain curiosity.  Allow yourself to be in the moment without any expectations the universe does for us what we cannot do for ourselves. As I said earlier start with a crystal that really attracts you, a crystal that gives you a sense of excitement. Most of time we are attracted to a certain crystal for a reason.  Remember, each and every person’s experience with a crystal is unique.  In my experience crystals have helped me heal tremendously. Do they solve all of my problems? No, but all my little ones give me a sense of protection, they help me connect to my higher power and the energy around me, they help me to be still while meditating, and they help me feel balanced in my chakras.  The color of the crystal is the same color as one of the chakras it helps to balance that chakra.  For example if I am attracted the Aquamarine, which is a light blue stone, I can use this to help aid in communication because it helps to balance and heal the Throat Chakra.  

I will end this post with one last chapter on seven different crystals that I think each beginner should have in their collection.  The first is Clear Quartz, this crystal works with every type of energy, it enhances the energy of the other crystals in your collection, and it aids in understanding and reaching our higher consciousness.  Second, Rose Quartz known as the stone of unconditional love and romance supports all types of love and is great for a collection.  Third, Amethyst also known as the “sobriety stone” known to help heal all addictive tendencies helps to tune into your intuition and the power of your dreams.  Fourth, Citrine a great crystal for the creative mind and promotes self-esteem.  Fifth, Hematite, this crystal is very grounding and centering crystal great for grounding the root chakra.  Sixth, Aquamarine a beautiful crystal that aids in speaking with honesty and purpose, and lastly Black Tourmaline a very protective and grounding stone that keeps negativity away. 

I hope you all enjoy this post on just a little bit of all of the information on healing crystals! I hope that you further research this topic if this post interests you, and if you would like a handmade necklace you can go to the Anima Shop tab on our website.  J

Sending you all positive, healing, energy.

Until next time.  Xo