Welcome to the Soulful Impact Blog!

A warm hello to all the beautiful souls reading this post.  My name is Siobhan Hoffman I am the Creative Director at Soulful Impact LLC.  I am a mental health advocate, a published author of The Silence that Screams, a collection of original poetry available on Amazon.com.  I am also a healing crystal enthusiast, studying in the field of spiritual healing, and have completed many DBT workshops on mindfulness, interpersonal relationships, distress tolerance, and emotion regulation. I look forward to sharing some of these important skills with all of you.  I am 22 years old and a Psychology major who has struggled with mental illness since the age of 13.  From this young age, all I knew was to try anyway to escape the horrible feelings of depression and anxiety that haunted me every single day.  Drugs and alcohol became my whole life.  The numbness they helped me achieve was exactly what I thought I was missing.  I am now four months sober, and I have done some very intense therapy to work on not only my trauma but my depression and anxiety.   I have to fight every day, but all of the pain and chaos has made me stronger.  I now know how to be vulnerable and opening up has helped me in such an amazing way.  I share this with you because I want this to be a place where each of us feels safe enough to be vulnerable, a place where people truly care.  Nobody should be ashamed of their mental illness, sadness, fear, or feeling different and isolated from the people in their lives. My posts will consist of mindfulness and meditation techniques, health and nutrition recommendations, profiles of inspiring leaders in the public eye and how they got to where they are now, DBT skills, creative writing, and any other requests or ideas from all of you! Everything happens for a reason and I truly believe this to be true.  As Buddha said, “life is suffering”.  It’s learning how to grow from the pain instead of letting it take control of our lives that will be the focus of what I will be sharing with you through this blog. Let’s create a community that helps each person feel a little less alone in this world.  Let’s stand together!