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Courses from Soulful Faculty


Fall 2017


MBA 697

Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Department of Accounting, Business and Economics

College of Mount Saint Vincent


This course explores social entrepreneurship by investigating such questions as:

·      Who are social entrepreneurs?

·      How does social entrepreneurship differ from traditional business entrepreneurship?

·      What do social entrepreneurship and traditional entrepreneurship have in common?

·      Can the impact of social entrepreneurship be assessed?

·      What is the role of traditional business practice in the organization and management of a successful social venture?

·      How can the probability of long term success (sustainability) for social ventures be improved and assessed?

·      What are the characteristics and skills required to be a successful social entrepreneur?


In exploring these issues, two foundational elements emerge as critical components in a working understanding of the nature of social entrepreneurship in today’s society: who are social entrepreneurs, and what does it take to be successful?




FSEM 125

The Evolution of Modern Slavery

College of Mount Saint Vincent


Human Trafficking is the world’s fastest growing criminal enterprise and is an estimated $150 million global industry (  Pope Francis has issued a statement to the leaders of nations around the world saying: “Fraternity requires us to reject any inequality which would allow one person to enslave another.  Our purpose is to build a civilization based on the equal dignity of every person without discrimination.”  This course will trace the evolution of modern slavery and the spiritual foundations of abolitionist movements past and present.  We will explore how a soulful recognition of our shared humanity and divine worth can bring about an end to what has been referred to by former President Obama as one of “the greatest human rights causes of our time.”


MBA 666

Executive Development and Principle-Centered Leadership

College of Mount Saint Vincent


As organizations prepare to face the challenges of the new millennium, they look toward their executives for vision, innovation and integrity. The development of individuals who can provide such leadership is a constant, relentless effort within corporations today. This course is an opportunity to see how organizations shape leaders. With focus on both the theoretical and practical aspects of executive development, this course enables students to understand and facilitate organizational efforts aimed at improving executive capabilities. This course will also evaluate the current literature on the concept of being a "principle-centered" leader and whether identifiable individual characteristics influence an executive's ability to inspire people, build teamwork, and contribute positively to organizational success.


MBA 701

Leadership, Ethics and Social Responsibility

College of Mount Saint Vincent


This course is deigned to provide students with the opportunity to investigate the various conceptual frameworks with the study of organizational leadership. Students will use several frameworks from the studies on leadership to consider the social responsibility of business; the manner in which business leaders deal with ethical issues, and the role of business professionals in the process of guiding (stewarding) the organization in ways that prioritizing the "common good" can, in turn, be personally and professionally optimized for social and market impact.