About the Soulful Impact Team




Deirdre Gaughan

President & CEO of Soulful Impact


Deirdre Gaughan, President & CEO, is the senior adviser to Michael Hoffman, Chairman of Changing Our World, Inc. [NYSE:OMC].  Deirdre began working with Mike following a career at The Ursuline School. Her career as a teacher and administrator has provided Deirdre with experience in program management; editorial oversight; as well as global education leadership.  She has a Master's Degree in literature from The University of San Diego and has taught students for over 20 years, in grades ranging from primarily school to the graduate level.  Deirdre is an adjunct professor and the Associate Director for Graduate Program Development at the College of Mount Saint Vincent and is collaborating with Mike Hoffman on the development of an academic and corporate curricula defining the concept of soulfulness in business and philanthropy.



Siobhan Hoffman

Chief Creative Officer of ANIMA Shop


Siobhan Hoffman, Chief Creative Officer: In 2017, Siobhan published her first book of poetry The Silence that Screamsa collection of poems dealing with addiction, mental illness and rehabilitation. Hoffman brings her poems to bookstores, conferences and rehabilitation centers to advocate for mental health and addiction awareness. 

A service trip to Africa sparked Siobhan's interest in philanthropy. Following that trip she produced a documentary based on her experiences and hopes to continue generating publicity for the organizations she visited through her work at Voice Ethiopia, the web platform she co-founded www.voiceethiopia.org.  Siobhan is currently attending The New School in New York City majoring in Psychology with a minor in Literature.  She serves as Chief Creative Director for Soulful Impact.

Follow Siobhan and her ANIMA SHOP to see her newest additions to the ANIMA shop marketplace. 


Brendan Kiernan

Director of Digital Content


Brendan Kiernan, Director of Digital Content: Specializing in design, broadcasting and marketing, Brendan Kiernan joined the Soulful Impact team in 2016 and serves as Director of Digital Content.  Prior to joining Soulful Impact, Brendan worked as a studio intern at WCBS-FM and served as Music Director at 91.3 WVKR. He is a recent graduate of Vassar College, where he studied comparative literature and 20th-century history. Brendan has years of social work experience, working as a listener for CARES: Vassar’s emergency phone line that serves as a response group for campus sexual assault and student sexual health. Brendan sees Soulful Leadership as something that expands far beyond business leadership: “What makes a great business leader is the same thing that makes a great yogi or artist or comedian or parent. You must be present. With ANIMA Leadership, Soulful Impact teaches you how to be present.”


Michael Iovino

Ethiopian Philanthropy Director


Michael Iovino, Director of Ethiopian Philanthropy: Michael Iovino is the Director of Ethiopian Philanthropy for Soulful Impact, LLC.  Michael supports initiatives in Ethiopia and recently completed a tour of the country with Atti Worku, the Founder of Seeds of Africa.

Michael is a former Associate Director at Changing Our World, Inc. Michael’s work focused on providing research support on alignment between client programmatic areas, the US philanthropic landscape, as well as trends in corporate social engagement and scientific research. 

Michael spent over ten years working in international development, actively involved in visits to international non-governmental organization project locations in Haiti, Ghana, and Zambia, in order to evaluate the progress of the ventures and meet with the individuals and communities they empower.

Michael has a background in business entrepreneurship and engineering. He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2005.


Alan Hamilton